• PBIS Champion Middle School Virtual Norms

    Student Virtual Norms and Expectations:

    1. Log within 5-10 minutes of virtual class time. (teacher expectation may be slightly different).
    2. Students must show themselves during class time. Student’s should remain attentive during virtual class time. Student’s should not be laying down during class time.
    3. Student’s should remain on mute unless asked to engage in a learning conversation.
    4. Student’s should request permission to remove themselves from the virtual class session.
    5. Students should exemplify ROAR during the class session. Respect, Ownership, Accountability, Restore.
    6. Student’s should use their own log in and should not share their virtual log in with anyone.
    7. Only the student on the class roster can participate in the virtual classroom session.
    8. Students cannot record, photograph, or post any virtual classroom session on social media.

    Student Dress Code during virtual class session:

    1. Student should be fully dressed during virtual class session (tops and bottoms)
    2. No tank tops
    3. No spaghetti strap tops
    4. No logos or inappropriate language on clothing 

    Parent Expectations:

    1. Parents cannot participate in the live virtual classroom session.
    2. Only students on the classroom roster can participate in the virtual class session.
    3. Parents cannot record, photograph, or post any virtual classroom session on social media.
    4. Parents that have questions or concerns will set up a separate time to speak with teachers via email, or by phone.
    5. Parents will be contacted for a conference if a student is not meeting virtual class expectations.

    Steps for virtual discipline if student is having challenging behavior:

    1. Teachers will conference with student after virtual session.
    2. Students will be referred to Ms. Gardener or Mr. Alexander to work on restorative practice.
    3. Teachers will contact parent/guardian for a parent, teacher conference regarding student behavior.
    4. Student and parent will meet with administrative team regarding student behavior.

    ** If a student must be removed from any virtual learning session due to behavior an email will be sent to the parent and the administrative team immediately after the virtual learning session**