• CCS Blended Learning Plan to Start with Student Orientation Weeks


    • CCS students in grades Pre-K to 8 and their parents/guardians, and unique populations outlined below, will be offered options for virtual and/or in-person orientation sessions during the school day prior to beginning in-person classes.
    • Virtual orientation sessions will include grade-level meetings with teachers and staff and will outline the return to school buildings with a focus on health and safety.
    • Each grade level has a specific week(s) assigned for the orientation sessions. Families may schedule an individualized in-person session in addition to attending a virtual grade-level orientation session.
    • Students will continue to engage in synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities during the orientation time.

    Dear CCS Families,

    Throughout the ongoing COVID pandemic, we have come to understand that rapid change is the one certainty we can count on. The large number of factors impacting the district’s planning and decision-making change from month-to-month, week-to-week, and even day-to-day. 

    Last week, we indicated as we continued to finalize plans that the District provided more information and details regarding the transition from remote learning to in-person blended learning. This communication is the first of those updates. 

    Our blended learning plan calls for virtual or in-person individual orientation sessions for each grade level in grades Pre-K to 8, including unique student populations, before they fully return in-person for the blended learning model. The virtual and in-person individual grade level orientation sessions begin the week of October 19 for Pre-K to 3 students and continue with a gradual approach for other grade levels and student groups. This will allow for a thoughtful, phased-in transition for teachers and staff and students and families.

    We know families have questions and concerns, so our updated blended learning plan now includes virtual or in-person individual orientation sessions for each grade level in grades Pre-K to 8, including unique student populations, before they fully return in-person for the blended learning model. Families and students will have the opportunity to understand the new level of health protocols and safety protections we have put in place. 

    Please see the schedule below for orientation dates and return to in-person learning start dates by grade level.  

    Families of Career and Technical Education (CTE) students at Columbus Downtown High School and the Fort Hayes Career Center will also have the opportunity to attend a virtual or in-person individual orientation session the week of October 19. In accordance with the District’s initial plans, all other CCS high school students will continue with completely remote learning.

    The district’s plan takes into consideration the most up-to-date ODE mandates and local health guidance, as well as ongoing, productive discussions between the administration and its labor union partners.

    graphic of orientation schedule

    Orientation Details

    During the virtual or in-person orientation, students and families will meet with their grade level teachers and appropriate school administrative staff to learn about student safety protocols, building and grade-level expectations, and technology assistance at in-person orientation meetings if needed.

    Families may schedule an individualized in-person session prior to or after attending a virtual orientation session. Appointments will be scheduled in 15-minute increments with 15 minutes in between meetings for disinfecting. 

    Family members and students will be required to follow our health protocols during these in-person sessions, including requiring everyone to wear masks, use hand sanitizer, and remain socially distanced (six feet apart), as appropriate.

    Transportation will not be provided for the in-person sessions. 

    Principals will send information to their families, providing information about orientation sessions and scheduling of individual in-person orientation sessions. Orientation sessions are not mandatory, but are strongly recommended to ensure the most seamless transition to blended learning.

    There will be opportunities for synchronous and asynchronous student learning based upon each school’s virtual orientation schedule, as well as the additional in-person sessions.

    More information will be sent to families regarding transportation schedules and A/B cohort assignments before starting the blended learning model.

    We know this is a significant step forward in our shared efforts to get back to normal, and we understand the anxiety that comes with it. With these orientation sessions and our commitment to ongoing communication and engagement, we can work together to help our staff and students feel comfortable and safe during this transition.


    Dr. Dixon Signature

    Superintendent/CEO, Columbus City Schools