Columbus City Schools Event RSVPs

  • We're proud to host amazing events around Columbus all throughout the year. Below you will find an RSVP link for any of our events that require a sign-up.

    Upcoming Virtual Family Engagement Sessions:

    TUESDAY, September 27 "Catch a Ride with COTA" - Does your student need a ride? Getting to activities afterschool or on the weekends - like tutoring, the library, football games, part-time jobs, and even having some fun - should be easier this year for our high school students… and maybe for their parents as well. Columbus City Schools is partnering with COTA for a special Educational Pass - unlimited COTA rides at no cost. During our Tuesday Virtual Family Engagement Session, our partners at COTA will share some tips and strategies for students to maximize their free COTA pass and safely catch a ride. They’ll also share information about a special pilot program that offers 50% off COTA fares to qualifying riders. 

    Our sessions are recorded and posted on our Virtual Family Engagement Session Library in case you are unable to attend. 

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