Columbus City Schools Event RSVPs

  • We're proud to host amazing events around Columbus all throughout the year. Below you will find an RSVP link for any of our events that require a sign-up.

    Upcoming Virtual Family Engagement Sessions:

    TUESDAY, May 24: "Families’ First Look at Canvas"
    - This fall, eLearning in Columbus City Schools will get a major upgrade! Starting with the 2022-2023 school year, students and teachers across the district will begin using the new Canvas learning platform - connecting all aspects of written, taught, and assessed curriculum in one convenient location. We want parents and families to get a first look at this impressive new learning tool. Join our Tuesday Virtual Family Engagement Session to learn more about Canvas, how students will benefit from it, and what parents need to know to help their children access more learning resources.


    THURSDAY, May 26: "Celebrating Authentic Family Engagement" - Columbus City Schools has been recognized for its new commitment to Authentic Family Engagement - new initiatives aimed at engaging with students and families where they’re at, in the languages they speak, at the times they are available, in the ways that are most accessible to them, in multiple formats, with multiple attempts, and always with a bit of grace. From our record number of Family Ambassadors and Check & Connect Calls to building-based efforts to make schools more welcoming, our Thursday Virtual Family Engagement Session will be a celebration of the district’s family engagement efforts throughout the school year and a look ahead to new engagement initiatives next school year.


    Our sessions are recorded and posted in our Virtual Family Engagement Session Library in case you are unable to attend. 

Last Modified on May 20, 2022