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Centennial is Headed to the 2019 Football Playoffs For the First Time in School History

November 08, 2019 — The Centennial Stars are headed to the 2019 High School Football Playoffs. With a 9-1 record this season, the Stars have proven why they are a team to be reckoned with, but let’s rewind the tape back and see just how they got here.

“We was hungry, we’re just hungry. We’re not only trying to make it to the playoffs, we’re trying to make it far and put our mark out there,”said quarterback, Jaylen Gilbert.

Quarterback Jaylen Gilbert and his teammates knows what it means to put in work and watch is pay off.

Their hard work earned them a spot in the playoffs and the title of the 2019 North Division City League Champions for the first time. These student-athletes have been setting school records all season. 

“It feels great because I know I am getting a lot of support, fan base is getting larger, a lot of people are talking about us hyping our heads up,” said running back, Luchene Davis.

Last season the team went 7-3, but it was the first game of the season this year and the only loss of the season that made then turn things around.

“When we played against Grandview we lost our quarterback. I feel like after that game it motivated us to push harder, stronger every day at every practice, and every game,” Davis said.

“It made everybody realize that everyone needed to contribute and come together,” said Gilbert.

Friday after Friday the team made their mark on the football field, especially in the endzone. 

“I say Beechcroft because that is the first time we beat Beechcroft in school history, and I also got player of the game. Northland, same reason, because that was our first time beating them in school history,” said Davis.

“I dreamed of it before,” said head coach, Donte Goosby.

The Stars proved that dreams do come true. Donte Goosby, head football coach knows what it’s like to put on a Centennial uniform, playing for the team in the 90’s, but he says this is the first time he knows what it feels like to be champion playing for a state title.

“We went 7-3 last year and there were still people I wouldn’t say writing us off, but not circling Centennial in as the North Division Champs, not putting us in to the 2019 playoffs,” said Goosby.

Now this team says they have something to prove, and they are not giving up easy. The Stars take on Jackson High School  in the first round of the playoffs.

“We didn’t come far for no reason,” said Davis.

The team has a message for the fans that have stuck by their side all season, and those who have been there before the winning.

“Those people that have been around, they understand development that has taken place over time, and they have been patient and supported us, thank you,” said Goosby.