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A Message from the Superintendent

Dear CCS Families and Staff,

First, let me start by extending my sincerest apologies for you not receiving a message on behalf of Columbus City Schools regarding this morning’s weather event. It is also unfortunate that a message intended for one school community was inadvertently distributed district-wide, which caused much uncertainty. We sincerely regret any confusion this may have caused.

At the heart of our actions is our students and staff's safety and well-being. We recognize the importance of clear communication and apologize for any inconvenience experienced. This was a learning experience for all, as this was the first significant weather event of this kind this early in the morning.

We have heard your concerns regarding potential absences and tardiness due to bus delays. Rest assured, these will be excused. Many have also questioned why we did not delay the start of school today. Our transportation department extends its services to include Career Technical Education programming, students enrolled in half-day programs, and nearly 13,000 students attending charter or non-public schools. A delayed start would also adversely affect transportation routes for over 24,000 CCS students and other individuals relying on our services.  

Additionally, we want to remind you of our established procedures for Weather-Related School Cancellations. In the event of severe weather, our district closely monitors the situation and follows established protocols to ensure the safety of all students and staff; this includes communication channels with local authorities and transportation professionals, prompt updates to families and staff, and clear directives regarding necessary actions. 

Please know that your safety remains our top priority, and we are committed to maintaining transparency and efficiency in responding to such situations.

Your unwavering commitment to our school District, our community, and our students, especially in moments of unexpected adversity, is genuinely appreciated.


Dr. Angela Chapman

Columbus City Schools Superintendent/CEO