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Hornets Sting Braves

Hornets Sting Braves Early and Buzz Away With Win


The action was like a typical fall day in the apple orchard, Hornets flying around the fallen fruit.  You have to be careful not to be stung.  The Braves were down two stalwarts even before the kick off.  Ella Norris was sick and Mira Dush the leading goal scorer was injured and out. Still optimistic the Braves believed their defense was stout and figured to continue their goal scoring pace swapping those pesky bugs. 


New faces were added to the starting line up. Salma Kebe was in for a big night in goal.  Much would be asked and delivered by Amelia Morris, Ellis Scanlon-Kimura, Noemi Cuarenta and Lily Hoyt. Three attacking midfields Nezzie O’Malley, Annabelle O’Neal and Elizabeth Martin would screen the backs and deliver the attacking service.  Olivia Mullins, Lily Mathys and Summer Dush job was to score the needed goals.