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Elementary Chess Tournament Champs

The Nolan's Knights Elementary Chess Tournament was held at Columbus Metropolitan Library on Friday, May 17.  More than 40 students representing elementary schools across the district came to compete in this event sponsored by the Gifted & Talented Division.  A special thank you to Francie Nolan, the tournament's namesake, and Kaelan Mortensen for assisting with pairings and scoring.  

Tournament winners are as follows:

  • 1st place:  Cyrys Babai, Gables
  • 2nd place:  Evan Bender, Indian Springs
  • 3rd place:  Aviv White, Columbus Gifted Academy
  • 4th place: Matthew Hoag, Huy

Additionally, three students were honored with the Nolan's Knight award for sportsmanship based on nominations from their chess coach.  A fourth student received the Nolan's Knight award based on selection by Francie Nolan, tournament founder, following her careful observation of conduct embodying the spirit of chivalrous chess play.  Those recipients include:

  • Heaven Hawkins, Gables
  • Caitlyn Webster, Westgate
  • Sincere Rose-Cohen, Berwick
  • Alistair Easterling, Columbus Gifted Academy

Congratulations to all participants!