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Columbus Board of Education Welcomes New Members, New Leadership Roles for 2024

Group Photo Board Member

January 09, 2024 -- The Columbus Board of Education convened for its initial session of the New Year on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, ushering in the introduction of new Board members and assigning key leadership roles.

Before entering into the official business matters of the New Year, the Board conducted its Organizational Meeting. Board member Ramona Reyes assumedjennifer Adair Swearing In the temporary role of president pro tempore, overseeing the swearing-in ceremony for re-elected incumbents: former Board President Jennifer Adair, sworn in by 10th District Court of Appeals Judge Kristen Boggs, and Dr. Tina Pierce, sworn in by her mother Ms. Terri D. Taylor. Joining the Board are two new members, Attorney Sarah Ingles, sworn in by 10th District Court of Appeals Judge David Leland, and Columbus City Schools Alum Brandon Simmons, sworn in by State Representative Adam Miller. The new Board members, Ingles and Simmons, replace outgoing members Carole Beckerle and Judge Eric Brown.

There is a shift in leadership for 2024. Board member Christina Vera unanimously secured the position of Board President through peer voting for the coming year; First District Court of Appeals Judge Marilyn Zayas administered Vera's Oath of Office, stating, 

"Your selection as the first Latina to serve as Board President is a solemn and historical moment from one first to another first. I know you will do well." Vera is currently in her first term, which expires December 31, 2025. 

Board President Christina Vera Swearing InVera further elaborated on her commitment to the Board's work going forward. 

"One of my main priorities is focusing on community engagement. I want our Board to be involved in the community, and I want the community to be involved in the work of Columbus City Schools. I want to thank the community for the passage of Issue 11 and the opportunity to move our District and Board work forward on behalf of our students," she added. 

Board member Dr. Tina Pierce, re-elected in November 2023, steps into the role of Vice President for 2024. Her term expires on December 31, 2027. Pierce's mother, Ms. Terri D. Taylor, administered the Oath of Office for her new role as Vice President. Dr. Pierce addressed the ongoing challenges faced by the District, expressed commitment to the community, and emphasized the importance of seeking new opportunities. Pierce Swearing In

"I want to express my deepest gratitude to our community, students, staff, and colleagues for supporting my candidacy for board leadership. It is a privilege and a great responsibility to take on this role. Collaborative servant leadership will guide my actions and thoughts," said Dr. Pierce. "This November, we witnessed the power of our community coming together to support our Columbus City Schools on behalf of our students, and today, our Board took action. We look forward to continued dialogue and policy changes that will affect our schools and District in significant ways. We aim to strengthen board governance and community engagement to support our administration, staff, and unions, working together to make a difference in the lives of our students and families. In partnership with our students, staff, administration, and community, this Board will work to move beyond scratching the surface of what is possible; we will dig deep to lay a strong foundation for generations of skilled, compassionate changemakers!"

Following the swearing-in ceremony, the Board voted to table committee leadership assignments for a future Board business meeting. 

The next Board business meeting will be held at Beechcroft High School on January 23, starting at 6:00 p.m. The 2024 Board of Education public meeting schedule is posted HERE on the District's website. 

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