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Information on Ohio's Parent Trigger Law

First launched in 2014 as a pilot effort in Columbus City Schools, Ohio’s Parent Trigger law (ORC 3302.042) requires the Ohio Department of Education to identify schools which are considered the lowest five percent in the state based on their academic performance over the past 3-5 year span, as reported on the state’s Local Report Card. In these particular schools, the Parent Trigger provides a process by which 50% of families can petition to:

  • Reopen the school as a community school.
  • Replace at least 70% of the school’s personnel.
  • Contract with another school district or non-profit who has demonstrated a record of effectiveness.
  • Turn operations of the school over to the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Any other major restructuring of the school that makes fundamental reforms to staffing or governance.

To implement one of these reforms, at least 50% of the parents/guardians of students in a Parent Trigger school (or students set to matriculate into the school the following school year) must sign and file with the District’s Treasurer a petition specifying which reform the families want the Board of Education to implement. The deadline to file a Parent Trigger petition is December 31st.



Below is the list of schools in Columbus City Schools identified as eligible for the Parent Trigger:

  • Columbus Scioto 6-12
  • Beatty Park Elementary
  • Broadleigh Elementary
  • Champion Middle School
  • Hamilton STEM Academy (K-6)
  • Highland Elementary
  • Linden STEM Academy (K-6)
  • Livingston Elementary
  • Moler Elementary
  • Trevitt Elementary
  • Windsor STEM Academy (K-6)



There’s far more to measuring a child’s learning and growth than what’s on the State’s Local Report Card, Before taking this extreme measure, families should talk to their child’s teachers and principal. Consider this:

  • On 16 of 21 state assessment measures, more Columbus students met or exceeded proficiency levels this past school year, averaging at least a 5.5-percentage-point improvement.
  • The Local Report Card shows gains on three key indicators: Improving K-3 Reading, Gap Closing, and Graduation Rate. In fact, the District’s Gap Closing Score more than tripled, jumping from 9.9% to 29.2%.
  • Columbus City School is launching a new Academic Surge effort on Elementary Reading and High School Math aimed at giving students even more support and new tools to boost their scores on state tests.
  • Columbus City Schools provides more support than any other district in Ohio to help students and their families overcome social, emotional, and other non-academic barriers to success in the classroom, in our community, and for a lifetime.

You can read more about the academic gains in Columbus City Schools by clicking here.