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Ecole Kenwood SWAT Students Learn Coding with OSU


October 30, 2019 -- This fifth and sixth grade SWAT team is ready to take action. Okay, it’s not the SWAT team you’ve seen on TV, but the Ecole Kenwood SWAT team, Students Who Advance Technology. 

“It is really enjoyable and I also think that technology is really cool,” said fifth grader, Isla Corbin.

For the first time the Ohio State University Mobile Design Lab stopped by Ecole Kenwood French Immersion School to teach students about coding.

“It really starting off k-12 that is where we reach our students learning how to code and how to utilize the technologies that are coming up,” said Brenden Dickerson, Program Manger for the Digital Flagship Program at The Ohio State University.

The Ecole Kenwood SWAT team meets three times a week to learn coding, gaming, and ecole kenwood swat osu mobil lab ways to help their school preform duties involving technology. 

“Programing stuff is really creative and I think I am a really creative person,” said sixth grader, Sadie Blasczky. 

Sixth grader Sadie Blasczky joined the SWAT team when she learned that she would get the chance to work with computers, something she loves to do. 

“Computers were always really cool to me and I really wanted to program games,” Sadie says. 

The goal of this year long program to introduce students to technology by teaching them computer science, coding, google apps and more.

This is the third year for the SWAT program at Ecole Kenwood.