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Columbus City Schools Receives Cancer Screening Excellence Award from Ohio Department of Health

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May 31, 2024 -- Columbus City Schools' Wellness program has received top honors from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) with the Cancer Screening Excellence Award seal. This prestigious recognition highlights our exceptional efforts in promoting cancer screenings and fostering a healthy workplace environment.

ODH recently announced the 2023 designees for the Cancer Screening Excellence Award, and CCS is proud to be among the 29 organizations recognized statewide. This is the fourth year that ODH has celebrated organizations excelling in cancer screening initiatives through the Healthy Worksite Recognition Program.

Wellness Initiative Coordinator Jacqueline Broderick Patton, MA, BSN, RN, expressed her deep gratitude, saying, “We are always thrilled to receive an award that recognizes our efforts in promoting staff well-being. The success of our District Wellness Initiative results from the unwavering support from our Board of Education, District leadership, and our Joint Insurance Committee, which includes representatives from CEA, OAPSE, CAA, CSCSA, and HR administration. This award is a testament to the meaningful and important work we do together, and the Wellness team is truly grateful for the opportunity to contribute to it.”

Columbus City Schools is resolute in its mission to enhance access to, education about, and resources for cancer screenings. This prestigious award not only recognizes our dedication to providing comprehensive wellness programs but also serves as a powerful motivator for us to continue prioritizing the health of our staff.

Congratulations, CCS Wellness, on achieving this remarkable milestone! Your dedication and hard work have been instrumental in our success.

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