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Media Statement Regarding Negotiations - August 10, 2022

Jennifer Adair, Board of Education President

We are extraordinarily disappointed about today’s bargaining session. While we came to the table ready to negotiate and ready to consider a comprehensive counter to the Board’s offer, CEA has not responded in good faith.

It takes two willing parties to successfully negotiate – it is impossible to bargain when the other side is not contributing to the conversation. These are the same behaviors outlined in the Unfair Labor Practice charge we filed; unfortunately, CEA remains unwilling to engage.

Today was our 20th negotiating session since March. We are ready and willing to meet as many times as it takes to reach an agreement, provided that CEA is ready to have productive conversations. 

The Board is determined to reach an agreement and open the school year with our teachers and students in their classrooms. It would be a disservice to our school community if CEA were to file a strike notice when they have not even provided a comprehensive response to our offer.

We know our students, families, teachers, staff, and community have many questions about what the start of the school year may look like. We will address those questions soon, but today we are committed to finding a resolution and moving forward in the best interest of our students.