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Board of Education Statement Regarding CEA Notice of Intent to Strike

The Columbus City Schools Board of Education released a statement regarding the Columbus Education Association (CEA) filing a Notice of Intent to Strike beginning on August 22, 2022.

Jennifer Adair, Board of Education President:

The Board is deeply troubled to learn that the Columbus Education Association (CEA) filed a notice of intent to strike with the State Employment Relations Board today. Yesterday, we held our 20th negotiating session, and we sought a response from CEA – including a response regarding compensation – to the Board’s offer. Unfortunately, we did not get it. 

The Board’s offer is comprehensive, fair, and respectful. It is responsive to specific concerns raised by CEA and includes respectful economic terms. But CEA has continued to refuse to provide a response to all remaining issues. With this lack of good faith efforts by CEA, we believe announcing a strike is premature and a disservice to our school community. 

A strike is disruptive and hurts our students more than anyone else. The Board is determined to reach an agreement, and we will continue our preparations for opening day on August 24 in hope that our teachers will be in their classrooms with our students. 

Even so, it is important for our students, families, teachers, staff, and community to know we are well prepared with alternate opening plans so that student learning can proceed as it should. We will address all related questions with important details to share soon.