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Columbus City Schools Recognized for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports

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November 3, 2022 -- Columbus City Schools recently received a prestigious award for its work in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). 

The Ohio PBIS Network and State Support Team designated CCS as the recipient of the Ohio PBIS District Award for 2021-2022 for its district-wide implementation of PBIS. The district will be recognized at the Annual Ohio Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports and Ohio Leadership Advisory Council Showcase in December. 

Additionally, 48 CCS schools were recognized as model schools for 2022 by the Ohio PBIS Network for their PBIS implementation. This year, there were eight gold, nine silver, and 31 bronze-level schools. 

PBIS is a framework that uses evidence-based practices to improve academic, social, and behavioral outcomes for all students. This framework involves teaching students expected behaviors consistently and positively, promoting good behavior, student success, and positive, safe environments through a multi-tiered system implemented by schools. PBIS has been shown to improve student achievement, behavior, and school climate. 

Ohio recognizes districts that maintain a district-level planning team; systematically collect, review, and apply data using a problem-solving approach; support PBIS implementation at the building level through professional development and coaching support, and maintain a certain percentage of their buildings achieving an award. School buildings are recognized at three levels: bronze, silver, and gold. 

Bronze-level schools can document evidence of a comprehensive system of behavioral supports at Tier 1 with a Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) score of at least 70%. Silver-level schools must meet the criteria for bronze level and implement Tier 2 supports with a TFI score of at least 70%. Gold must meet all the characteristics of bronze and silver but must also implement at the highest level of fidelity. These schools also must implement Tier III supports with a TFI score of at least 70%.  

The number of CCS schools recognized has increased dramatically since 2017 when four schools were recognized – three bronze, one silver, and no gold-level winners. 

“To see the district grow is beyond exciting,” said Marvella Allen, Director of Whole Child Supports. “It is a testament to the hard work done in schools to create predictable, safe, welcoming, and equitable environments. It is rewarding to see positive results from prioritizing the whole child, even more so to know that we made these gains despite the COVID pandemic, which the whole district can be proud of accomplishing.” 

Congratulations to the following CCS schools:

Gold Award Recipients: 

  • Avondale Elementary School
  • Binns Elementary School
  • Cedarwood Elementary School
  • Colerain Elementary School
  • Como Elementary School
  • Georgian Heights Elementary School
  • Hilltonia Middle School
  • Ohio Avenue Elementary School

Silver Award Recipients:

  • Avalon Elementary School
  • Champion Middle School
  • Eakin Elementary School
  • Hubbard Elementary School
  • Olde Orchard Elementary School
  • Parsons Elementary School
  • Scottwood Elementary School
  • Watkins Elementary School
  • Wedgewood Middle School

Bronze Award Recipients: 

  • Alpine Elementary School
  • Beatty Park Elementary School
  • Berwick Alternative PreK-8
  • Broadleigh Elementary School
  • Clinton Elementary School
  • Columbus Gifted Academy
  • Columbus Spanish Immersion Academy
  • Devonshire Elementary School
  • Ecole Kenwood French Immersion
  • Fairmoor Elementary School
  • Forest Park Elementary School
  • Gables Elementary School
  • Huy Elementary School
  • Indian Springs Elementary School
  • Indianola Informal K-8
  • Innis Elementary School
  • Liberty Elementary School
  • Linden STEM Academy
  • Mifflin High School
  • Mifflin Middle School
  • Northgate Intermediate School
  • Northtowne Elementary School
  • Ridgeview Middle School
  • Sherwood Middle School
  • South Mifflin STEM Academy
  • Southwood Elementary School
  • Stewart Alternative Elementary School
  • Valleyview Elementary School
  • West Mound Elementary School
  • Westgate Elementary School
  • Westmoor Middle School

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