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Columbus City Schools Partners with Columbus City Council to Keep Student Safe with the Distribution of Safety Reflectors

November 5, 2019 -- Columbus City Schools and Columbus City Council are partnering to provide Columbus City Schools middle school students with safety reflectors.

“Nothing is more important than making sure our students are safe on their way to school and back home,” said Columbus Board of Education President, Gary L. Baker, II. 

Last Thursday, before Halloween and daylights savings, school board members and city of Columbus councilmembers came together to pass out 10,000 safety reflectors to middle school students distributed during class.

In October, city council approved $10,000 for the purchase of these safety reflectors. The money comes from the Neighborhood Initiatives sub-fund. The blue reflectors that are battery operated, flash a continuous light or a single light by clicking the back of the reflector. The reflectors are meant to be worn where they can be visibly seen, students can clip the reflectors on their backpacks, coats, clothing or bikes. 

Along with these reflectors students received a card with these safety tips.

Be Safe. Be Seen.

“It is incumbent upon residents to be careful as they are traveling along our highways and byways, but we want to provide our students with the resources to also be safe,” said councilmember, Shayla Favor. 

“The safety of students is of critical importance to the school board,” Baker said. “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Columbus City Council in the distribution of these reflectors to middle school students.” 

“We want students to know that their leaders, and their community cares about their safety. It is our top priority, that is why we made sure we could do this quickly as possible, but we also want students to know how to be safe traveling to and from,” said Favor.

Additional reflectors are in the process of being purchased and will be passed out to more middle school students in the upcoming weeks.