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Incoming 7th & 8th Graders: Summer 2019 Reading

Indy Summer Reading 2019

All students must choose two books during this summer and prepare to give book talks in English class during the first days of school.  For these book talks, students are asked to prepare the following information.  Students are encouraged to pick two very different books; it does not matter if that difference is in genre, subject matter or style. 

Information to include in the book talk:

  • Title, author, date of publication
  • Genre (realistic fiction, historical fiction, fiction, nonfiction, paranormal, romance, etc.)
  • Short summary – don’t give too many details; your purpose is to make us interested in reading the book
  • Why you liked it
  • How the book relates to the real world
  • Why others might like it
  • Short excerpt from the book with explanation (why you chose it, why it is important in terms of the meaning or plot of the book)

There is no particular order to the book talk.  You may, for example, begin with the excerpt or a life connection in order to gain your audience’s attention.

You will not turn anything in – your presentation will be your grade.

If you have any questions, please contact Gina at