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Columbus City Schools Teams-up with Ohio State University Students and Community Partners to Grow Learning Garden Initiatives


devonshire September 30, 2019 -- Monday’s mean it’s time to head back into the classroom, but for some students at Indianola Informal Kindergarten through Eight Grade School, students are learning what it means to have a green thumb.

Cabbages, tomatoes and peppers are just some of the vegetables growing in the community learning garden.

“Carrots can make your eyes see farther and longer away,” said six-year-old Carter.

Today this kindergarten and first grade class is learning about carrots, along with planting seeds to watch their hard work grow.

“I love carrots and strawberries,” an excited Elle said.

Indianola is one of 44 schools in the district to have a learning garden. This fall 20 other schools are in the process of building a garden with some special help from students and facility from Ohio State University.

Ryan Poland and Brandon Rogers, two OSU medical students wanted to help Columbus City Linden McKinley Schools promote healthy eating and nutritional learning.

“We wanted something that would far outlive us and carry on,” said Ryan.

The two medical students recruited 150 Ohio State students and faculty to help build new and renovate existing gardens.

 “Impacting them now and being a role model for them and providing some kind of guidance while we are there and little bit of fun, some knowledge on how to garden and being self-sufficient. Being there as a small mentor and as a teacher can really help them in the future and I am really glad about that,” Brandon said.

The exciting thing about Columbus City Schools Learning Garden is not only do the students plant the fruits and vegetables and maintain the garden, a curriculum is apart of this initiative. Students in the youngest grades to high school  are learning the importance of having a green thumb and using earths resources to fuel their bodies. scottwood

Columbus City Schools wants to thanks our community partners that are helping with this initiative. With your helping we are making sure each student is highly-educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community. 

Community Partners:

City of Columbus, Public Health Department

American Heart Association

Mid-Ohio Foodbank

Franklin County Public Health

Scotts Miracle-Gro

OSU Extension

Local Matters

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden

Columbus City Schools, Healthy Bodies Active Minds