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All Buckeyes Read and Lead with Easthaven Elementary Students!

OSU athletes answering student questions

Dec. 18, 2019 - Who doesn’t love a good book? Last week, second graders at Easthaven Elementary School partnered with OSU student-athletes to read the newest 2nd and 7th Foundation’s Hog Mollies book “The Hog Mollies and Little Lily’s Legacy.” The book’s theme focused on leadership, and what it takes to be a true leader and leading by example.

In the story the Hog Mollies asked how their garden was created. The grandmother explains that a long time ago the garden wasn’t there and the animals needed to plant seeds to bring them shade, shelter, and food. All of the animals felt that they had the right qualities to be the leader because they were the strongest or smartest. One small mouse, named Lilly, listened to the others talk and started to plant seeds. Soon, all the other animals started to follow Lilly’s lead. She wasn’t the biggest, smartest, oldest, or most popular, but none of those things were necessary to be a great leader. She led by example.

The second graders came up with some great ideas on what it takes to be a leader and what they can do to be a leader in their home or classroom. They came up with ideas like “I can clean the kitchen” or “I can be a role model for Kindergarteners.”

The class also enjoyed learning about what it means to be an athlete and asked a lot of questions about college life. The OSU student-athletes represented wrestling, gymnastics, tennis, track, swimming, and even the Best Darn Band in the Land!