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Northland HS Class of 2019 Graduation Information

Northland High School Class of 2019 Graduation Ceremony


When: Friday, May 31, 2019


Time: 8:00 p.m. (doors open for ticket-holders at 7:30 p.m.)

 Columbus Convention Center
Union Station Ballroom
400 N. High Street, Columbus 43215

*Seniors must arrive at the Convention Center by 6:15 p.m. and report directly to room C160 where preparations for the ceremony will take place.

*Please leave all purses, bags, phones, etc. with your family as there will not be a location to secure these items.

 Cap and Gown and Attire: Graduating seniors will receive their cap and gown at graduation practice (Thursday, May 30, 9am, Northland gymnasium). Taking the gown out of the package and hanging it overnight may reduce the wrinkles, however, a warm iron or steamer may be needed to get all creases out of the gown. Please note that this is a formal occasion and students should be dressed accordingly. It is recommended that females wear light colored dresses so it will not show through the gown.  Sensible dress shoes are encouraged since graduates will be standing for long periods of time as well as walking up and down stairs. Also, seniors are not to alter or decorate their cap or gown in any way as all graduates must be uniform.

Tickets: Each student will receive a total of 10 tickets for family and friends to attend the graduation ceremony. If additional tickets are needed, students are encouraged to work with their peers who may not need all of their tickets.

View on Facebook: Columbus City Schools high school commencement ceremonies will be streamed live online, using Facebook Live.  On Graduation Day visit the CCS Facebook page and look for instructions on how to access the live feed for your school. In some cases, there may be more than one graduation going on at the same time, so CCS will have multiple Facebook channels.  Family and friends will be able to watch the ceremony of their favorite graduate in its entirety.

Parking: You may purchase guaranteed online parking by going to the following link

The cost for parking is $5.00 plus a $2.00 service charge.  If you do not purchase online parking you will pay the full event price at the parking location you select. Parking questions should go to

Formal Occasion: Because graduation is a formal occasion, no balloons or celebratory devices (ex. horns) are permitted in the venue.

Pictures: There will be a professional photographer from Portraits by Patrick at the stage taking pictures of your graduate.  If you would like to order pictures from Patrick, please visit and enter the Event Code Northland High School Graduation, Password:  Vikings 2019. Photos will be posted on this website within 48 hours of the event, and for the duration of 90 days.  

We are excited for you and your senior and look forward to graduation on May 31st! Please contact Northland High School if you have any questions regarding graduation.