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Former Human Resource Employee has a Bright Future as First Year Teacher at Sherwood Middle School


August 27, 2019 -- As students head back to the classroom, first day jitters are felt by more than just the kids.

“I am excited for everything,” said first-year teacher, Jenna Mastracci. “I am excited for the first day.  I am excited to get to know my students.”

Jenna Mastracci is ready to get back into the classroom, but this time she’ll be teaching students for the first time at Sherwood Middle School.

“The first day, and the second day will be getting to know each other, and building that relationship,” Jenna says.

Building relationships is what she’s best at. Having worked in the district’s Human Resource Department for four years, Jenna is ready to head back to school.

“Ready to move on to something different something a little bit more rewarding, and making a difference for the students, being there for them, and encouraging them to be happy to learn and to come to school,” she says.

Her decision to start here teaching career with Columbus City Schools came easy.

“Really my first day in HR I realized that this is a place that I feel I fit.”

Hitting the books herself, enrolled in classes at The Ohio State University, Jenna received her Provisional Career Technical Education License. This school year she will be teaching business and computers to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

“Being in my class and researching different careers and what kind of education is required and the minimum qualifications, the pay, can get them more excited, and more motivated to be more successful, and have a long term goal.”

Jenna admits she wasn’t always the best student, but it was a former teacher that believed in her during times when she didn’t believe in herself. That same motivation is what she wants to give her students.

“I feel like having a teacher that really makes a difference that you know really cares about you, believes in you and doesn’t brush you to the side,” Jenna says. “A lot of kids struggle and they need someone to help motivate them, and let them know they also can succeed.”