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Donor Gifts Sherwood Middle School Language Arts Teacher a Year’s Worth of School Supplies

 August 28, 2019 -- The school year started off with a wonderful surprise for one 6th-grade Language Arts teacher at Sherwood Middle School.  A week before the start of school, Jennifer Wanat received news that she never imaged hearing. An anonymous donor planned on gifting her class with a year’s worth of school supplies.

 “Paper, pencils, all kinds of essentials. I was very excited,” said Sherwood Middle School Language Arts Teacher, Jennifer Wanat.

Three days before the first day school, Jennifer’s 6th-grade Language Art’s class is now filled with composition notebooks, folders, highlighters, and hundreds of pencils.

Jennifer has been teaching in the District for 19 years, getting her start as a 4th-grade teacher at Sullivant Elementary School. Jennifer says she often has to buy extra supplies for her classroom to make sure students have the materials they need.

“Fortunately this year I have enough paper and pencils, and notebooks, and composition books to last,” Jennifer says.

The anonymous donor tells the District it was his 6th-grade English teacher at Medina Middle School that taught him how to be organized, which in turn has helped him later navigate challenges that came up in life.

Jennifer says the generous donation warms her heart to know that teachers are valued and appreciated.

“It was a great moral bust. It was motivating to feel like somebody really appreciates what you do and really wants to support what you do, it felt really good to have to community behind us and want to students to have what they need.”

With more supplies than she ever dreamt of needing, Jennifer is determined to keep the moral up in her class by focusing on the day’s lesson, while not having to worry if a student needs a pencil.

“I want to see them gain more confidence in reading and writing. I want to see them become more successful as people.”