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Brookhaven Graduate Gives Back to Middle School English Class


September 9, 2019 -- Students at Sherwood Middle School are back in the class and starting they year off with new school supplies.

Sixth-graders in Mrs. Jennifer Wanat’s language arts class were treated to hundreds of classroom supplies thanks to a former Columbus City Schools graduate. 

“I just like helping. I have a loving heart I would like to think,” said donor, Chris Caughey.

Chris Caughey, army veteran and Bookhaven High School graduate, class of 1986, says it was his sixth-grade english teacher at Medina Middle School, Mrs. Kho, who showed him what it meant to care for others. 

Chris says that is was important for him to give back to a sixth-grade english teacher and their class every year.

“My first year that I started doing this was in 1994, she was my first teacher that I was able to go back to and at least give supplies for kids,” Chris says. 

Chris has been giving back to teachers for 25 years. For the 2019-2020 school year, he is giving back to the school district that he says cared the most about him and showed him love and support when he was a child. 

This year it was Sherwood Middle School, language arts teacher, Jennifer Wanat’s turn. Chris donated hundreds of notebooks, folders, highlighters and pencils to last the entire school year. 

“When I was in school I had some great teachers.” 3:01 “Actually they helped me out a lot.,” said Chris. “I appreciate that they decided to become teachers. I think teachers, fireman, anybody in medicine should be praised just like the people in the military. They go way beyond what they are expected.” 

He says he want’s the students to know that there are people in this community that care about them and want them to strive in their academic studies. 

“Knowing I can help a child, who knows, they can be the next astronaut, or vice president, or president of The United States you never know. I feel like if everybody would buy one extra supply for a kid the world would be better. My grandfather taught me one good commandment, ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated.’ If you can do that the world would be nice.”