New Student Success Cards

New Student Success Cards


With a focus on supporting safety and academics, Columbus City Schools will issue Student Success Cards to all students PreK-12, starting this 22-23 school year. 


Student Success Cards are IDs featuring a photo, name, ID number, and school logo. During the school year, cards will be used to: 


  • Swipe on and off the bus in the morning and afternoon (Coming second semester)
  • Serve as ID during the school day
  • Access online learning through Clever 
  • Check out books and other materials at any Columbus Metropolitan Library branch 
  • Support safety by allowing administrators and safety and security personnel to identify students quickly and easily


Students will receive their cards and lanyards on or after the first day of school and must wear their cards visibly on the bus and during the school day. 


CCS piloted Student Success Cards over the last several school years. Student Success Cards will help increase efficiency, improve communication with parents, and most importantly, enhance student safety. 



This FAQ has been updated from the one currently available on the CCS website and may help answer questions parents, guardians, students, and staff may have.


Why is CCS implementing student ID cards? 

To increase efficiency, improve communication with parents, and most importantly, enhance student safety. The Student Success Cards will allow Administrators and Safety and Security personnel to identify students quickly and easily. 


Can the card be used at the Columbus Metropolitan Library? 

Yes. Your card will automatically be connected to the Columbus Metropolitan Library system if you have not previously elected to be withdrawn from Directory Information.


How do I get a new or replacement card? 

If you have lost or damaged your card, a new card can be requested by notifying the secretary at your child’s school. If your card was recently lost, we ask that you look for one day before reporting the card as lost. If it is still lost after that time, please notify the school secretary and a new card will be issued.


What if my student’s card has the wrong or old photo on it? 

If your student’s card has an incorrect or outdated photo, please notify the school secretary.  Once a new photo has been taken and uploaded to the student information system, the school secretary will be able to request a new card.


What if I move and my student changes schools? 

Students moving within the CCS school district will be issued another Student Success Card at their new school. 


Does my student have to wear the lanyard and card? 

Yes. Students are expected to wear the Student Success Card both on the bus and during the school day.


What student information is being shared, and with whom? 

Student Success Cards are not used to track our students! The card reader on the bus simply accounts for the student’s movement on or off the bus. Student Directory information is only shared with the Columbus Metropolitan Library per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Board Policy.


Will this card be needed to get to lunch or for student activities? 

Not currently. Columbus City Schools continues to explore ways to increase efficiency and elevate the student experience.