8th Grade Shout-Outs!

8th Grade Shout-Outs!



J. Caudillo:  She has been more responsible and coming to social studies class.  Keep it up!  
J. Roman:  He has been more productive by turning in his science work.  Keep improving each day!  
J. Dillon:  She has been more responsible with completing her science work.  Nice Job!
Z. Ester:  She works very hard each day.  She is productive in science and respectful to everyone.



A. Estupinan:  He has improved every week of school.  He is responsible and comes to Zoom class everyday.  
R. Dahal:  He has been working hard to be productive by turning in missing work. 
R.  Ameer:  She always tries her best on her work.  She is responsible and turns in work on time. 
T. Backburn:  He has done an outstanding job since joining our class.  He is respectful and participates in class.  



 K.Pham:  He is working very hard in class.  He is responsible and comes to Zoom class everyday.  Keep up the great work.  

C.Sharpe:  She is doing a really nice job with virtual learning.  Being responsible and completing the work on the Agenda in the google classroom pays off.  
J.Jackson:  He has been trying his best everyday with a positive attitude.  Keep up the hard work; being productive will pay off. 


A.Neece for working hard in science and using good communication skills.  Way to be responsible.
J. Williamson for organizing a class help group so all 8th graders would do well in virtual learning.  Way to be productive.  
N. Smith has been kind and supportive during virtual learning.  She is being responsible about getting her work done.  
J. Bridges for doing an amazing job with virtual learning.  She is productive and finishes assignments early and listens to feedback.  


To Mrs. Hollon's 5th Period Class for organizing a help group to make sure everyone is successful with virtual learning!  Way to be responsible and productive.