Bonus Point Winners

Students in Mrs. Simmons & Mr. Workman's classes are earning bonus points for a variety of reasons (logging in on time, turning in work, participating, being model students, etc...).
Every other Friday, two females and two males with the highest points are awarded prizes.  The prize choices vary and they can choose what they want OR they can bank their points for a drawing at the end of the quarter and win a "big prize"!  Both teachers personally visited two winn
ers this past Saturday!
👏🙌 Congrats to Ebuni Agbana & Xander Kingery!! 🙌👏  
Both students decided to bank their points.   
It was a nice to meet them in person and speak with their family.  We are looking forward to other winners this quarter.  Who will it be???
Stay tuned and find out!!!  👍
~Mrs. Simmons & Mr. Workman 😊