Charity Newsies 2024-25

Charity Newsies 24-25



The Charity Newsies application for clothing assistance will open on July 29, 2024. We have capacity to serve 18,000 children. Applications will be taken and clothing pickups scheduled on a first come, first served basis. We encourage you to apply as soon as you can as we reached capacity last year in mid-September.


If you are in an emergency situation, please contact your school social worker or case workers within whom you may be working with. 

Additional clothing may be available at one of the free stores listed below:

In 2023, clothing assistance applications opened on July 24, 2023. We anticipate clothing assistance for the 2024-2025 school year beginning again in the late summer of 2024.

The Charity Newsies Clothe-A-Child program is designed for families in need of back-to-school clothing assistance. Qualifying families may submit one application per child per school year. All children of the family are to be on the same application.


Applications are submitted on-line only. We no long accept in-person applications at our headquarters. Applicants will receive an appointment confirmation email within 3 business days of submitting the application. The confirmation will include the date & time of pick-up and a card number to claim the clothing. A recap of the children to receive clothing along with the school chosen and the clothing sizes selected will be included in the confirmation email.


Pick-up appointments are scheduled during regular office hours (M-F) in the order in which the applications are received and approved. We do not have weekend pick-up. Charity Newsies reserves the right to verify all information provided on the application. False or incomplete information can delay or deny the approval of your application.


Applicants are responsible for picking up the clothing at our headquarters. Unclaimed clothing will be returned to inventory and the application will be closed. Applicants who fail to pick up their clothing will not be able to reapply until the following school year.


Clothing will be provided based on the dress code (if any) of the school indicated and the clothing sizes selected on the application. Clothing cannot be returned or exchanged, so it is important to select the correct sizes.


Any questions regarding the application or the Clothe-A-Child program should be directed to