Supply Guide and Important Duxberry Information

Duxberry Supply Guide and School Start Information

If you want to purchase school items for the upcoming school year, here is a general Duxberry supply guide for all grades:

1. 3-5 re-usable face masks

2. Sturdy backpack. If possible, purchase one with a padded sleeve for a Chromebook.

3. Tennis Shoes.  Tennis shoes or sneakers are required for weekly physical education and are preferred for every day wear.  The safest shoes for elementary students are flat shoes with a good tread that covers the toes and the heel.  Purchase shoes with velcro straps if your child can not tie their own shoe laces.

4.  Recommended School Supplies: sharpened #2 pencils, 1 folder, 4 glue sticks, pencil top erasers or pink block eraser, big box of facial tissues.

5:  Optional School Supplies: Handheld pencil sharpener, headphones, crayons/markers, scissors, ruler.

Duxberry does not have a school uniform.  Students should come to school dressed for the weather and wear clothes which will allow them to play and dance freely and safely.  We recommend that each student keep a plastic bag in their backpacks with back-up underwear, socks, pants, and shirt.  Messes, spills and accidents happen at all grade levels!