Walmart Free Thanksgiving dinner Giveaway.

Walmart is doing a free Thanksgiving dinner Giveaway.

Below are the instructions to follow.

Here is the link to instructions for the Walmart Thanksgiving Dinner. You will receive these 9 items FREE shown and listed in this link by getting the entire purchase of them back through the Ibotta app.

The Walmart-exclusive items included in the Free Thanksgiving Dinner program are:

 Campbell’s condensed cream of mushroom soup (10.5-ounce can)

 2-liter bottle of Coke

 All varieties of Butterball 3-pound turkey roast or $9.98 cash back on all Butterball whole turkeys.

 McCormick turkey gravy seasoning packet (0.87-ounce package)

 French’s crispy onions (2.8-ounce package)

 Idahoan instant mashed potatoes (8-ounce package)

 Great Value stuffing (6-ounce package)

 Great Value cranberry sauce (14-ounce can)

 Great Value frozen green beans (12-ounce bag)

In order to get the dinner items for free, download the Ibotta app or web browser extension, click on the Free Thanksgiving Dinner offer and shop for your items at any Walmart or at Once purchased, scan your receipt into the Ibotta or link your Walmart Grocery account to verify the purchases, and you'll earn cashback for the entire purchase (approx. $20.27).