Valleyview Parent Involvement Policy

Valleyview Elementary School Parent Involvement Policy 


Valleyview Elementary will involve parents in regular and meaningful communication addressing student achievement and ensuring: 

  • That parents plan an important role in assisting their student’s educational success
  • That parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their student’s education
  • That parents are full partners in their student’s education and are included in school decision-making and on teams and committees to assist in the education of their student


Valleyview Elementary agrees to implement requirements to: 

  • Involve parents in the planning and development of effective parent involvement activities through representation on the parent volunteers organization and through the Family Ambassador program 
  • Build both the school and family capacity for parent involvement by: 
  • Providing parents with information on state standards, assessments, requirements of Title I, monitoring student progress and working with educators. Information will be provided during annual meetings, including parent teacher conferences, newsletters, on our school website and information throughout the school year. 
  • Providing materials and resources to help parents work with their student to improve academic achievement. Resources will be provided in school/classroom newsletters, through teacher communications and curriculum-related events. 
  • Communicating regularly with parents in clear and understandable terms. This will include opportunities for parents to participate in decision making roles, volunteer opportunities, Title I meetings, newsletters, conferences and surveys. Parent teacher meetings can be scheduled at any time as requested by parents and with the availability of staff members


This policy was approved by the staff of Valleyview Elementary on November 2, 2021. The school will make this policy available to all parents through posting, school office and school website. This policy is subject to change. 


   Pamela Artrip