International Remote Learning (If Needed)

International Remote Learning (If Needed)

International High School will continue to do everything we can to remain open for in-person learning.  We do continue to make sure that we have plans in place in the event that we must transition to remote learning.

In the event that International HS would need to follow a remote schedule we will continue to follow our traditional schedule.

Period 1- 7:30am to 8:19AM

Period 2- 8:23AM to 9:12AM

Period 3- 9:16AM to 10:05AM

Period 4- 10:09AM to 10:58AM

Period 5- 11:02AM to 11:51AM

Period 6- 11:55AM to 12:44PM

Period 7- 12:48PM to 1:37PM

Period 8- 1:41PM to 2:30PM


If needed: students login to zoom via links in their google classroom each period.