Secondary School Breakfast Menu


Assorted cereals (21-25), graham crackers (19), honey roasted sunflower seeds (11), cheese stick (1), muffins (22-26), yogurt (19), granola (15), orange or apple juice (14), white 1% milk (13), chocolate non-fat milk (22) and a variety of fresh fruit are served daily.

Week of 5/13:

Monday - French Toast Sticks (57), Assorted Bagel (39-35)/Cream Cheese (2)

Tuesday  - Turkey Canadian Bacon/Cheese on English Muffin (33), Assorted Bagel (29-35) with Cream Cheese (2)

Wednesday - Frudel (36), Assorted Bagel (29-35),/Cream Cheese (2)

Thursday - Turkey Sausage Pancake Sandwich (31) Assorted Bagel (19-35)/Cream Cheese (2)

Friday  - Turkey Sausage Breakfast Pizza (31), Assorted Bagel (29-35)/Cream Cheese (2)

Week of 5/20: 

Monday - Turkey Sausage Pancake Wrap (17), Assorted Bagel (29-35)/Cream Cheese (2)

Tuesday - Assorted Waffles (37), Assorted Bagel (29-35)/Cream Cheese (2)

Wednesday - Mini Bagel with Strawberry Creamy Cheese (42), Yogurt Parfait (55-59)

Thursday - Turkey Sausage and Cheese on English Muffin (33), Assorted Bagel (29-35)/Cream Cheese (2)

Friday - Confetti Pancakes (36), Assorted Bagel (29-35)/Cream Cheese (2) 

 Grams of carbohydrates are listed as a number after each food item. Pork and seafood are not served on our menus. The menu is subject to change.

Africentric, Berwick, Colerain, Columbus Gifted Academy, Indianola, and Starling Breakfast Menu do not serve sunflower seeds or peanut/tree nut products to elementary grade students.

This institution is an equal-opportunity provider.