Elementary School Menu


Assorted cereal (20-25), graham crackers (19), yogurt (14), cheese stick (1), apple or orange juice (14) are offered daily at breakfast.

White 1% milk (12) and chocolate non-fat milk (22) are offered for breakfast and lunch.  

Breakfast week of 5/27:

Monday  - No School

Tuesday  - Chicken Sausage on Waffle Sandwich (15)

Wednesday - Confetti Pancakes (36)  

Thursday - Cinnamon French Toast (37)   

Friday (Woodcrest Elementary School only - Maple Waffles (37)

Lunch week of 5/27

Monday - No School

Tuesday - BBQ Beef Rib Patty on Bun (30), Toasted Cheese Sandwich (31), Buffalo Chicken and Cheese on Bun (30), Baked Beans (30)    

Wednesday - Cheese Breadstick (28) with Marinara Cup (4), Penne Alfredo (31) & Bread (12), Two Peeps (hard-boiled eggs 2) & Bread (12)

Thursday  - Sandwich with Picnic Cold Pack  

Friday (Woodcrest Elementary School only)- Toasted Cheese Sandwich (37), Dill Turkey Nuggets (15) & Bread (12), Rotisserie Chicken and Cheese on Bun (31)

Woodcrest Elementary School Breakfast Week of 6/3:

Monday - Mini Bagels with Strawberry Creamy Cheeese (42)

Tuesday - Triple Berry French Toast (36)

Wednesday - Mini Cinnis (39)

Thursday - No School

Friday - No School

Woodcrest Elementary School Lunch week of 6/3:

Monday  - Chicken Drumstick and Cornbread (39), Turkey Sausage/ French Toast (41), 2 Hard-boiled Eggs (2) and Bread (12) 

Tuesday -Fiestada Sandwich (31), Impossible Burger on Bun (32), Buffalo Chicken and Cheese on Bun (30)

Wednesday - Sandwich with Picnic Cold Pack

Thursday - No School

Friday - No School

Hot dogs are not served to preschoolers.

Grams of carbohydrates are listed as a number after each food item. The menu is subject to change.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, such as broccoli and carrots, are offered daily. 

Peanuts, tree nuts, pork, and seafood are not served on the menu.

This institution is an equal-opportunity provider.