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Food Services

Children and young adults need a healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch every day to be successful learners and have the energy to participate in school activities.
Beginning for the 2014-2015 school year, ALL students enrolled in Columbus City Schools qualify for a free breakfast AND a free lunch EVERY DAY!
  • No application required!
  • No verification of income required!
This program is funded through the US Department of Agriculture, at no cost to Columbus City Schools.
The only money that students may need is to pay for optional à la carte items and snack foods.
Student Meal Prices
Elementary Schools - FREE
Middle Schools - FREE
High School - FREE 
Breakfast and
Lunch Menus

Grades 9-12 School Lunch
November-December 2014
Grades 6-8 School Lunch
November - December 2014
Grades 6-12 School Breakfast
November - December 2014
Grades K-8 School Lunch
November-December 2014
Grades K-8 School Breakfast
November-December 2014
PreK-Grade 6 School Menu
November-December 2014

Click on the Food Allergies link above to read about the Columbus City Schools Food Allergy Policy.
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