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Columbus City Schools Statement

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Statement from Columbus City Schools Board of Education, Superintendent, Treasurer, and Internal Auditor

The events of the past week, from the senseless death of George Floyd to the protests around the country and in our city, have left us heartbroken and frustrated.  As we are sure our fellow Columbus City Schools colleagues would agree, our hearts are filled with sadness, anger, and disgust at yet another brutal act against a member of the African American community.

As one of the largest urban school districts in the country, Columbus City Schools must lead the way in spreading hope by educating our young people, not just with the knowledge of content, but most importantly of diversity, inclusiveness, and humanity.  It is our responsibility to create the change agents of tomorrow through the education of today.  That means we must equip our students with the tools necessary to understand and overcome systemic racism by teaching culturally competent and historically accurate curriculum, especially about the City that they will one day lead.

We must also be forward-thinking and proactive in addressing the inequities and disparities that persist within our school district.  Equity and cultural competency are priorities for Columbus City Schools and the Board of Education.

Even though the world may appear scary, ugly, and without hope, now is the time for us to lead with love, compassion, and education.  Columbus City Schools is committed to working together as one community to be part of the solution for a better tomorrow.

Click here to view a PDF of the joint statement.