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Columbus Board of Education to Form Safe Schools Working Group

Safe Schools Working Group

June 17, 2020 -- The Columbus Board of Education announced the formation of a Safe Schools Working Group to evaluate the safety and security program in Columbus City Schools, including the District’s relationship with the Columbus Police Department.

The working group will include a broad range of stakeholders, including students, families, staff, district partners, and community members. The group will be asked to make recommendations to the Board of Education and the Superintendent regarding the District’s full safety and security program moving forward. The Board of Education will officially seat the working group at its meeting on June 30.

“We are seeking individuals who can come to the table and work collaboratively and holistically to determine what is the best safety and security structure for our district,” said Board of Education President Jennifer Adair. “This includes a discussion about what our relationship is with the Columbus Police Department.”

The Board of Education will allow the District’s current two-year contract with the Columbus Police Department to expire on June 30, 2020. The contract provides for 19 School Resource Officers (SROs) to be stationed in CCS high school buildings.

“It is a perfect time to pause and not renegotiate our contract with the Columbus Police Department and reevaluate what the best needs are for our district around safety and security as a whole,” added President Adair. “No option is off the table right now. We are taking a pause to be thoughtful and strategic and ensure we are providing our students, our staff, and our community with the best safety and security in our district.”

Anyone interested in participating in the Safe Schools Working Group should contact the Office of Customer Relations at