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Columbus City Schools Finalizing Plans for Blended In-Person Learning

September 29, 2020 -- Columbus City Schools, working closely with Columbus Public Health, is finalizing its plans for students to return to in-person learning and announced today the dates for students to return to school buildings. 

“All of us have been looking forward to the day when our students and our employees could safely return to the classroom as part of our blended learning model,” said Superintendent/CEO Dr. Talisa Dixon. “Today, I’m pleased to announce the dates for teachers and staff to return to our buildings to prepare for our students’ phased-in arrival based on grade level. I cannot wait to see our students’ faces – with masks on, of course – and to see them engaged in their classroom setting once again.” 

Starting on October 19, CCS will employ a phased-in schedule, based on grade level, in order to safely return students to its school buildings. 

CCS’s blended learning plan calls for students to attend in-person classes two days each week and to learn remotely from home three days per week. 

Start dates for students based on grade level are as follows: 

  • Pre-K – 3rd Grade:  October 19
  • 4th – 5th Grade:  October 26
  • 6th – 8th Grade:  November 2

Pre-K – 3rd grade students with complex needs will return to the classroom on October 19, with the remaining students with complex needs across all grade levels returning on October 26. 

Career and Technical Education (CTE) students at Columbus Downtown High School and the Fort Hayes Career Center will return on October 19.

In accordance with the District’s initial plans, all other CCS high school students will continue with completely remote learning after the first quarter at the end of October. 

CCS school nurses returned to the buildings starting this week on September 28. The District will continue to work with CPH experts for the implementation of district-wide COVID-19 safety protocols. 

All CCS teachers will return by October 14 for classroom preparation. All employees will be scheduled for professional development about COVID-19 safety training. Central office staff, school-based staff, and some teachers will be phased into returning on-site in early October to accommodate building preparation and student assessments. 

“I am appreciative of the ongoing discussions we are having with our employee partners to help us finalize the plans for our return to in-person learning,” Superintendent Dixon said. “The leadership of our unions and associations – including that from CEA, CSEA, CAA, and CSCSA – have been valuable partners in our remote learning currently underway. I look forward to their continued partnership in finalizing our district’s plan to return to the classroom.”

“We know that families and staff will have questions about the implementation of our blended learning plans,” Superintendent Dixon said. “Beginning the week of October 5, we will provide the CCS community with regular updates on various facets of the blended learning plan, including schedules, health, and safety protocols, which will include everyone wearing a mask while in our CCS buildings, FAQs, and more.” 

Finally, Dr. Dixon called on the entire CCS community – students, families, teachers, and staff – to continue to follow recommended guidelines during the ongoing COVID pandemic.

“By all of us doing our part, we can be back in the classroom for in-person learning,” she said. “Please be sure to wear a mask, social distance, and wash your hands regularly.”