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Peace Room Completed at Beatty Park

Peace Room collage

May 24, 2022 -- Thanks to a generous grant from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, Beatty Park Elementary School students and staff have redesigned their Sensory Room, better known as the "Peace Room.”  Beatty Park provides a strong behavioral and education program for students with social-emotional and behavioral health needs. Students and staff work together in small groups and teams to provide better instruction and behavior reinforcement. Each classroom has a full-time teacher and intervention specialists and a mental health component in collaboration with St. Vincent Center. 

The first step of redesigning the “Peace Room” started with a conversation about colors, sights, and sounds to help students regulate their emotions. “From their ideas, students created models from old boxes and clay and other art supplies so they could visualize the peace room,” said Maggie Rapp Boggess, Beatty Park, and Trevitt Elementary School Art Teacher. 

Ms. Rapp-Boggess combined as many ideas as possible to create the finished space. Click here for a quick video tour of the new “peace room” at Beatty Park.