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Empowerment ROX! Northland Women’s Group Builds Confident Girls

ROX group at Northland

May 30, 2023 -- In a study conducted by The Girls’ Index, “the percentage of girls from 5th through 12th grade identifying themselves as” confident declines by more than 25% throughout the middle and high school years.

Northland High School decided it was time to combat those statistics. Thanks to their superpowered school counseling team, 9-12th grade students now have access to female empowerment programming.

“I wanted to be a part of a girl’s group,” said Rhoda Antwi, a sophomore at the school. “I wanted that for myself.”

Erica Henderson, Gabrielle Richardson, and Amy White are not only licensed school counselors but are also certified facilitators for Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX).

The local nonprofit organization is on a mission to create generations of confident girls who control their relationships, experiences, decisions, and futures. 

“ROX is really important to me,” said Antwi. “It has shown me that I’m bigger than what I think I am, and it has shown me to defend myself and stand up for myself.”

The 20-lesson evidence-based curriculum reviews: team building and communication, conflict management, online identity, setting boundaries, self-defense and personal safety, coping skills, body image, and exposure to career pathways.

“Rhoda wears confidence like a crown,” said Richardson during the last group meeting of the 2022-2023 school year.

For sophomore Amy Weeks, the group provided her with opportunities to step out of her comfort zone and lead other girls through team-building activities. “I had the courage to step up,” said Weeks. “It gave me confidence. I helped everyone, and I felt so good about that.”

The trio hopes the group develops into a community that promotes healthy changes in the lives of girls at Northland. 

Learn more about the ROX curriculum and training at

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