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Mifflin High Seniors Soar: Graduating Ernst and Young College M.A.P. Program

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May 15, 2024 — Mifflin High School seniors celebrated their graduation from the Ernst and Young College M.A.P. (Mentoring for Access and Persistence) program, a significant step toward their future success in college and beyond. This program, designed to provide students with essential skills and knowledge for higher education and the workforce, has been instrumental in ensuring that Columbus City Schools (CCS) high schoolers are well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in college.

“Being part of this program was one of the best decisions I've ever made,” said Snit Araia, senior at Mifflin High School. “In the program, we learned about FAFSA, scholarships, and financial aid through discussions and activities. It has given me valuable knowledge, skills, and taught me the importance of seeking help and guidance when needed.”

The Ernst and Young College M.A.P. program, a unique collaboration between Mifflin High School and the global professional services firm Ernst and Young, offers a comprehensive curriculum. This includes college preparatory courses such as SAT and ACT preparation, mentorship opportunities with Ernst and Young professionals, and career exploration activities like job shadowing and internships. Through this program, students gain valuable insights into college life and develop the necessary skills to excel academically and professionally.

“EY equips our scholars with the financial literacy skills necessary to be successful in college and beyond,” affirmed Community and Career Resource Coordinator, Alison Scott-Moxley. 

Mifflin High School seniors have not only enhanced their academic abilities and honed their leadership and communication skills by participating in the Ernst and Young College M.A.P. program, but they have also laid a strong foundation for their future careers. These students are now better equipped to navigate the challenges of college and pursue their career goals with confidence, thanks to the career exploration activities and mentorship opportunities provided by the program.

“Through the EY program, I realized that asking questions isn’t a sign of weakness,” said Liliane Niyonshuti, a senior at Mifflin. “[Asking questions] is a gateway to knowledge and personal growth.”

Partnerships like the one with Ernst and Young are catalysts for transformation, benefitting CCS students far beyond their primary and secondary education journey. The Ernst and Young College M.A.P. program is funded through a combination of corporate sponsorship, government grants, and private donations, ensuring its sustainability. As these Mifflin High School seniors embark on the next chapter of their journey, they do so with the knowledge and skills gained from this transformative program, knowing that it will continue to support future students. 

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