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CCS Fifth Grade Honors Chorus Performs at Board of Education Meeting

Honors Chorus

Feb. 21, 2020 -- Ahead of Tuesday's Columbus Board of Education meeting, the Columbus City Schools Fifth Grade Honors Chorus performed a special selection in honor of Black History Month. 

The group sang a song entitled "Sisi Ni Moja," which translates to "We Are One" from Swahili. After the performance, Board President Jennifer Adair asked some of the students what the song meant to them. One student eloquently summed up the song's meaning: "we all breathe the same."

Following the performance, the Honors Chorus stuck around to lead the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Career Tech During the meeting, the Board also recognized February as National Career and Technical Education Month.

Career and technical education offers students the opportunity to gain the academic, technical and employable skills necessary for true career readiness. Students in career and technical education programs participate in authentic, meaningful experiences that improve the quality of their education and increase their engagement and achievement.

Additionally, career and technical education provide students with career exploration opportunities earlier in their educational experience, which enables them to make informed and beneficial decisions about their academic coursework and pursue established programs of study and career pathways.