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Northland High School, Columbus Urban League Team Up At Learning Extension Center

February 24, 2021 -- The Columbus Urban League is finding ways to help students  that may be struggling during remote learning.

For the past three weeks, Northland High School has been hosting a Learning Extension Center, where education support specialists with the Columbus Urban League are helping tutor and assist students with their school work during the day. 

“We make sure that they are logged on to their classes and that they have everything that they need to go through their day at school and then we just support them as they go throughout their day,” said Nathaneal Mavis, education support specialist with the Columbus Urban League.

Nathaneal Mavis Helps support middle school students that are coming to receive help with school work.

“The biggest thing right now is just attending the Zoom class. That is the biggest issue for most of our middle school students and high school students right now.”

With about five students in his class per day, he is able to give students that one-on-one attention they need. 

Woodward Park Middle School 8th grader, Deacon Murphy and his two siblings are receiving additional learning support through the Columbus Urban League.

“My mom thought it would be beneficial for us all to come here because our brother is not doing well in school because he is bad at remote learning,” said Deacon. “I wasn’t doing too well in remote learning either. She thought if we had a teacher it could help us. It has helped, especially with my little brother Hunter. His grades have gone up; so have mine and my sister.”

“We just want to make sure that these kids are having all of the resources possible in making sure that we are helping them through those steps because families have a lot going on right now. There are so many things going on outside of the pandemic right now. Any stress that we can help take off the parents, teachers, administrators that is what we are here for,” said Mavis.

The Columbus Urban League Learning Extension Center located at Northland High School is open Monday through Friday from 9am - 2pm  for elementary school students through 12th grade.