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CCS Hosts 27th Annual Exceptional Science Fair

CCS Exceptional Science Fair

November 15, 2022 -- Built on peace, pride, and progress, Beechcroft High School hosted an acceptance-focused science fair with six other schools across Columbus City Schools (CCS).

Launched in the early 90s, the CCS Exceptional Science Fair has a rich tradition of establishing a strong sense of belonging between special education students and general education students.

Astronaut at Exceptional Science Fair“We want to show that our kids do similar things to what [general education students] do each and every day,” said Paul Lasker, math and science teacher in the Multiple Disabilities department at the school. “Science is the vessel used to promote that positive relationship.”

Throughout the school year, special education students work diligently to create projects that make their education more relevant, rewarding, and rigorous. Lasker believes hosting the science fair adds value to his teaching and the students' learning.

“Science calls you to show to the world the mysteries of the things we deal with on a day-to-day basis that help this planet run and help humanity move forward,” said Lasker. 

Students displayed their science projects to fellow classmates at Beechcroft High during the two-hour fair. Projects ranged from topics on living and non-living organisms, electricity, robots, STEM, chemistry, lasers, and more.

In addition to Beechcroft, seven high schools from around the district participated in the science fair, including:

  • Centennial
  • Eastmoor Academy
  • Independence
  • Northland
  • South 7-12
  • Walnut Ridge 

The science fair welcomed special education students from Gahanna Jefferson Public School District this year. “We were so fortunate to welcome them as first-time guests to the fair,” Lasker added. “They did awesome.”

Upon the conclusion of the fair, students celebrated with a ceremony enjoying food and beverages and received a participation certificate.

“It’s all about having as much fun as possible with a science focus,” said Lasker. 

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