Department of Transportation

  • The Columbus City Schools Department of Transportation is "moving students further ahead." Approximately 44,000 students receive transportation services from 1,000 dedicated employees, including supervisors and vehicle maintenance staff. Our buses travel across 220 square miles located primarily within the City of Columbus, Ohio.

Charter & Non-Public Requests

  • Charter/Non-public school students who reside within the boundaries of the Columbus City School District can request transportation to school by completing an online Transportation Request. All transportation requests for charter/non-public school students must be made by the students' families using the Columbus City Schools Infinite Campus/Parent Portal Online Registration.

    • Student must ride assigned bus. No unauthorized passengers are allowed.
    • Students must obey bus driver’s instructions at all times.
    • School buses are not permitted to stop longer than necessary to pick up students. Therefore, school buses cannot wait for tardy students.
    • Get on and off at assigned stop only.
    • Transporting of animals, pets, or glass containers on bus is not allowed.
    • Changing from seat to seat while the bus is in motion is not permitted.
    • Excessive noise, loud talking, or laughter is not allowed.
    • No noise or talking at railroad crossings and other danger points.
    • Students may not extend any part of their bodies through the bus windows.
    • Spitting or throwing any object from windows is not allowed.
    • Smoking, vaping, eating, drinking, and littering are not allowed.
    • Students may not use profane language.
    • Students must observe rules for crossing the street when entering or exiting the bus.
    • Parents are responsible for any damage to the bus caused by their children.
    • Any conduct which could endanger any passenger or driver or which could result in damage to the vehicle is not allowed.
    • The carrying of weapons by bus passengers is not permitted. 

Transportation FAQs

  • When will I receive my student’s bus routing information?

  • Why is my student’s bus stop different this year from last year?

  • When should my student arrive at the bus stop?

  • If my student is late to school due to the bus being delayed, is this an excused absence?

  • If my student misses the school day because the bus didn’t pick him/her up, is this an excused absence?

  • What should I do if my student misses the bus?

  • What if my child left something on the bus?

Contact Us

  • Columbus City Schools Transportation Department
    1560 Moler Road
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