• Our Mission

    The mission of the Library and Media Technology Services is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. 

    To achieve this, we:

    • provide and maintain resources in all formats that support the curriculum
    • energetically integrate media and technology resources and services into the instructional activities of the school
    • cooperatively plan with teachers to design units of instruction and learning strategies that meet the needs of all students
    • stimulate interest in reading and using information and ideas to promote confidence and critical-thinking skills
    • encourage and provide tools for self-education outside the classroom
    • participate in programs for professional growth

Contact Us

  • CCS Library Services
    Linmoor Education Center
    2001 Hamilton Ave.
    Columbus, OH 43211

    Leslie Kelly
    Phone: 614-365-5024

    Benita Dailey
    Phone: 614-365-5024

    Lynda Ray
    Multiple Literacy Specialist
    Phone: 614-365-5280

    Andrea Pannell
    Literacy Aide
    Phone: 614-365-5275

News & Updates

  • Check out the Special Destiny Edition of the Library Services newsletter.  The newsletter has tips for common Destiny questions and concerns.  Also, some helpful resources to help teachers and students get started using Destiny Collections.   https://www.smore.com/r30gf