Office of Transformation and Leadership

  • The Office of Transformation and Leadership was launched in June of 2019 and was designed to provide an intentional focus on leadership development and support. The office works to accelerate the number of excellent schools through school transformation, including development, design, partnerships, and comprehensive school planning. 

    The Office is working with other CCS teams to develop, align, and deliver high-quality supports through the Network Support Model to ensure schools have the supports needed to create a rigorous and joyous learning environment. The Office ensures our schools have excellent leaders, educators, and staff who are prepared to meet the diverse needs of the young people we serve. 

    The Office will prioritize the work of school improvement, principal supervision, school leader recruitment, selection and development. This work will also include New Principal Mentoring, supporting our Leadership Interns and differentiated professional development for school leaders. 

Contact Us

  • Southland Center
    3700 N. High St
    Columbus, OH 43207

    Phone: 614-365-5654
    Fax: 614-365-6331

  • Felicia Sinkler

    Executive Secretary