• Who We Are
    Columbus City Schools, established in 1845, is the state of Ohio’s largest school district, serving the needs of 46,000 students in 113 schools. The district, which employs close to 9,000 teachers and staff, is under the leadership of Superintendent/CEO
    Dr. Angela Chapman and a seven-member Board of Education. The mission of Columbus City Schools is that each student is highly educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community.

    Who We Serve
    Columbus City Schools serves a diverse student population within the vibrant Columbus community of nearly one million people. Within the approximately 30,000 households of our students, 95 languages are spoken by families from 104 countries. The top non-English languages spoken by the families we serve are Spanish, Somali, Nepali, Arabic, and French.

    Students identified with special needs make up 18 percent of the student population. Seven percent of students are identified as gifted. CCS also serves more than 4,300 students who are classified as vulnerable youth -- those who are homeless, in foster care, or in a temporary or emergency living situation.

    Columbus City Schools participates in the federal free breakfast and lunch program, serving more than 7.7 million meals annually and 45,000 meals daily to PreK-12 students.

    Location and Inquiries
    The Columbus City Schools main office is located at 270 E. State St., Columbus, Ohio 43215.

    For general questions, call FACTLine at 614-221-3228.

Mission Statement

  • Each student is highly-educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community.


  • A world-class model of public education that prepares all students to be Portrait-ready graduates and reach their full potential.

Portrait of a Graduate

  • Our North Star – the hopes, dreams, and aspirations we have for every student.

    • Adaptability – Our students will be agile in thoughts and actions, responding productively to positive and negative feedback while balancing diverse views to reach workable solutions.
    • Communication – Our students will effectively express thoughts and ideas using oral, written, and nonverbal skills while being active listeners able to decipher meaning and intention.
    • Creativity – Our students will be imaginative and explore original ideas and innovative solutions by transcending traditional thoughts, patterns, and relationships.
    • Critical Thinking – Our students will analyze and apply evidence-based reasoning to understand “big picture” challenges and how solutions affect other parts of a system.
    • Global Empathy – Our students will value and engage diverse cultures and unique perspectives through mutual respect and open dialogue while taking action to make the world more equitable and inclusive.
    • Technology – Our students will leverage traditional and emerging technology to consume, create, communicate, and connect while practicing responsible citizenship in an increasingly digital world.

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Strategic Priorities

  • Columbus City Schools has identified four Strategic Priorities that will guide the work of the organization:

    Priority 1: Whole-Child Focused
    Columbus City Schools will design and implement curriculum with a holistic approach, so that students find their education more relevant, rewarding, and rigorous.

    Priority 2: Equitable Opportunities For All Students
    Columbus City Schools will ensure equitable outcomes for all students and employees, in order to create communities that promote excellence, personal and professional growth, and a culture of belonging.

    Priority 3: Strong Learning Communities In Every Region
    Columbus City Schools will strengthen a high quality, interdependent set of learning communities so that within and among these centers of growth are reliable sources of support, identity, and hope.

    Priority 4: Authentic Engagement
    Columbus City Schools will actively engage all stakeholders to ensure that every experience with the district engenders mutual trust, develops quality relationships, and strengthens collective support for the benefit of our students.

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School Related Issue or Concern?

  • Contact the Office of Customer Relations at 614-365-8888, or by email to: customerrelations@columbus.k12.oh.us

    Have an additional question about Columbus City Schools? Call the FACTLine at 614-221-FACT (614-221-3228) or, email us at: Factline@columbus.k12.oh.us

    Are you a member of the media interested in speaking to someone from Columbus City Schools? Contact our Department of Communications at 614-365-5680.

    Do you have a Public Records Request? Contact our Department of Legal Services. Click here for more information.