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Teacher Opportunities


    Posted by Carla Mae Phillips on 11/12/2018

    TeachingBooks.net is an online library of novel and author resources that is FREE for all CCS teachers and librarians. If you want to dig a little deeper into this resource, plan to attend a Webinar from 2-2:30pm during Early Release time on Wednesday, November 14th.

    --To attend the Webinar go to teachingbooks.net/book and log in as a guest. Please test the link prior to the Webinar time to make sure you have the necessary Adobe plugin on your viewing device. SEE THIS FLYER FOR MORE DETAILS.

    Webinar Specifics

    Facilitator: Mary Ellen Graf, Implementation & Training Specialist @TeachingBooks.net

    Learning Objective: Deepen connections to books while discovering online materials to engage readers, support families, and empower colleagues.


    • Locate CCS Secondary Book Lists on TeachingBooks
    • Locate and examine book and author resource pages
    • Create an Educator Login
    • Expand access using Google Translate
    • Discover new titles
    • Communicate and collaborate using sharing tools

    TeachingBooks Highlights

    -You can access lesson plans, author interviews, videos, text complexity charts, etc.

    -Anything on the site can be shared with students and parents in varied ways such as Google Classroom, QR code, email, or bookmark.

    -You can make novel lists for classrooms, grade-levels, & libraries and share them with students.

    -The lists of novels for Grades 6-12 that are available in the CCS Book Warehouse and the Secondary English Curriculum Office are housed on TeachingBooks.

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Student Opportunities


    Posted by Carla Mae Phillips on 9/8/2018 7:00:00 AM

    Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.

    DEBATE FOLDER: https://tinyurl.com/debatehs2018

    Debate Type: Policy This is a two-on-two debate that focuses on a policy question that hones a student’s research, analytical, and delivery skills. Policy debate involves the proposal of a plan by the affirmative team to enact a policy, while the negative team offers reasons to reject that proposal and stay with the status quo. Throughout the debate, students give constructive and rebuttal speeches and have the opportunity to cross-examine one another. Each Constructive speech is 8 minutes. Each Cross Examination is 3 minutes. Each Rebuttal is 5 minutes. Each team has 5 minutes of prep time that can be used during the debate. A judge or panel of judges determines the winner based on the arguments presented.

    Debate Teams: Debate teams are made of two students. Those students prepare to debate both the affirmative and negative sides of the debate resolution. On the day of the debate, each two-person team will be told which side (affirmative or negative) they will be debating during each of the three rounds. Each school can bring up to five teams (10 students).

    Date of Debate Tournament: Friday, December 7th from 8:30am-1pm Team Check-ins from 8-8:30am; Tournament from 8:30am-12:30pm (three rounds: 8:30-9:44, 9:50-11:04am, and 11:10am-12:24pm); Award Ceremony from 12:45-1pm.

    Location of Debate Tournament: Capital University, Ruff Learning Center, 631 Pleasant Ridge, Bexley, OH 43209

    Registration and Resources: Click HERE to access the debate folder with registration form and numerous resources for preparing your students to be great debaters. Be sure to register your school NOW even if you don’t yet know the names of students on your teams. That can be added later. The deadline for having all your names added is November 2nd.

    DEBATE FOLDER: https://tinyurl.com/debatehs2018

    NOTE: Middle School Debate Information will be forthcoming from Gifted and Talented. Look for it after September 17th. I will put it in the newsletter as soon as it is released from G & T.

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