Energy Bike

  • The Energy Bike is a bike in which the rear wheel is stabilized so that the bike is stationary. A 12-volt motor is mounted against the rear wheel. The motor acts as a generator when driven by the roller that rests on the bike’s rear tire. A cable runs from the generator to a display board with volt and amp meters and sockets and outlets where light bulbs and small appliances can be attached.The Energy Bike is designed to demonstrate fundamental concepts of electricity, including current, voltage, wattage, resistance, capacitance, and power. Students take active roles in pedaling the bike to produce electricity for different explorations.

    CCS owns several energy bikes. The CCS Science Office houses 3 energy bikes and kits and are available to CCS teachers for reservation and check-out. Teachers must attend an energy bike training prior to reserving and checking-out an energy bike.
    For more information or to reserve the Energy Bike, please complete the reservation form here