Grant funding opportunities are a great way to supplement support for our students. Columbus City Schools (CCS) supports new and innovative program development from individuals, schools, and departments.

    The duties of this department is to assist in meeting the district mission, vision, and goals by helping schools and staff in identifying funding opportunities, develop projects to support educational programs, and to administer and monitor awarded projects.  Additionally, to provide technical assistance and leadership in relation to programs and plans funded and/or mandated by the State and Federal government programs so that student acheivement will increase and requirements for funding guidelines are met as well as local grants awarded.

    All grants applied to by Columbus City Schools including those applied to by individuals, schools, or departments, must follow the grants endorsement process.  This process ensures that applicants have the necessary information to complete the grant funder application and that it is aligned to the districts mission statement priorities and goals.  Competing proposals are not to be submitted prior to this process and grant applications being submitted must be well-developed in concept as well as provides support our students.