• Nonpublic Support Services (NPSS)


     The Columbus City Schools serves as the fiscal agent for federal and state funds provided to 55 nonpublic schools. Federal and State funds received are for personnel, textbooks, materials, equipment, and professional development.  The NPSS office is responsible for the aproval and processing of nonpublic school purchase ordcer requisitions that use federal and state funds.


    State Fund:  Auxiliary


    Federal Funds:  Title I, Title II-A, Title III, and Title IV-A


    The NPSS office employs tutors, nurses, counselors, psyhchologists, classified secretaries, instructional support coaches, speech pathologists, and social workers, a technology coordinator, and a program specialist torugh Columbus City Schools or third party service providers.  The NPSS office oversees multiple federal and state compliance requirements including consultations with each nonpublic school.